Only the castle remains


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  1. When I ask myself why
    Do I want to get married
    In a beautiful castillo,

    What is it that makes
    Castles a dreamlike venue
    For me and forever lovers?

    It is not my nobility lineage
    And it is not that I’ve read
    Too many fairy tales.

    It is the history and the symbol.
    It is that when battles are fought,
    Not mattering if lost or won,

    When invaders come
    To conquer, stay,
    Or simply to destroy,

    There is this strength,
    There’s solidity, and
    There’s beauty that remains.

    Although even Mother Nature
    Puts it to the test, you can be sure
    That glorious or in shreds, but

    Only the castle remains.

  2. Beautiful poem. Only the castle remains.

  3. It is a very pretty photo. I happen to adore castle ruins and would climb up them, once upon a time. xo

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